Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bye Bye Love

(Pictured from left Professor Mel Rosenberg, Professor Danny Levitan, Rector, Tel Aviv University)

Bye Bye Love

I have spent most of my life at Tel Aviv University, student, lecturer, professor. I started out 36 years ago as a starry-eyed young M.Sc. student, right after the Yom Kippur war. Lat week I submitted my letter requesting early retirement. There are many reasons for my desire to retire eleven years early, some stemming from my own personal journey, which has been diverging from the university's path for some years. Though I am critical of what is transpiring on campus, I love the university, and it has been an integral part of me. Here I fell in love, became a scientist, and enjoyed a career as scientist and inventor.

Yesterday I chanced upon the log book I kept as a Ph.D. student. On Nov. 18th , 1979, I carried out a little experiment which showed how readily bacterial cells become attached to oil droplets. It formed the basis for my thesis work, and a significant part of my subsequent career.

As a retiree, I will maintain an office here at the Medical Faculty, and a research lab, and I plan to continue my current studies on bad breath and related topics. And of course, not being involved in university administration will hopefully allow more time to write children's stories and perform and sing for both adults and kids. See to learn about everything I love to do.

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