Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All Roads Lead to Rhodes

All Roads Lead to Rhodes

Actually, no roads lead to Rhodes, an undeniably beautiful Greek island. But, people come to this magical island for just that, to relax and be removed from the hustle and bustle of everday life. If you need to be online 24/7, this isn't the place. Do not come to this lovely island if you like to be stressed out. This is a place to hang loose.

If you do come, make sure to enjoy the beauty and blueness of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean.
Visit Lindos but don't spend all your time on the beach – climb up to the acropolis to see the ruins and stunning view.
Wander through the old city of Rhodes, getting 'lost' in the side alleys (it's a small old city). Come back at night when it's all lit up and buzzing
Hang out on the beaches and pools, but tan prudently. The sun here is deceptively strong. I saw a lot of repentant redskins.
At night, drink ouzo at the Blue Lagoon (in the new city right around the corner from Starbucks, near the sea) and dance with the locals.
The Blue Lagoon is shaped in the form of a quadrangle, decorated with pirate ships, and open to the stars. They have traditional live music and a pleasant mix of Greeks and visitors. Don't forget to say hello to Ianis the owner.

During high season (summer mainly), ships and planes pour tourists out daily. There are often more tourists here than inhabitants (110,000), but they make room for one and all. Rhodes is tourist-friendly. The taxi drivers adhere to a strict price scheme. The stall owners are kind, helpful and bargainers of the friendly variety.

The best travel season is from April to October. There are flights in the winter, few and far between, catering mainly to the casino crowd. We recommend the Rhodos Palace, which is on the sea, and just a 7 euro ride to town.

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