Sunday, July 12, 2009

What should the un-iversity be about?

What should the un-iversity be about?

Nothing, and everything. The curriculum should resemble a me-nu more than a syllabus. It should be a resource for learning, for thinking, for creating new ideas, new paradigms (whatever those are). It shouldn't compete with regular universities (we have enough of those) in offering standard courses. The courses we offer should be 'off the wall'. It is likely that the first will be offered by Lior Manor. I dream of a course in which he explains the thought processes of the magician, the psychology involved, and the scientific principles which magicians use to 'bend' our perception of reality. Now that would be a course worthy of the un-iversity. You can expect me to be in attendance. Other courses I would personally like to attend or help teach:

1. Dentistry: medicine or business?
2. "Tricks of the Trades" How not to buy a piano, a house, etc.
3. How to think and succeed like Yossi Vardi (this is one I would strictly be on the listening end)

What might a teacher at the un-iversity do? Freely share his/her disruptive view of one segment of our un-iverse. What should a student do? Commit to attend the entire run of any given course (maybe with one or two unavoidable hookies).
Your comments are welcome!
The un-iversity might also publicize groups and events that share this vision. See, for example, the e-mail below I received from Or-Tal Kiriati. There are lots of organizations promoting innovation among youth, but there is no site that we know of that un-ites them.

יזמות טכנולוגית

חינוך ליזמות and

בנק לאומי,2777,170994,00.html,2777,6567,00.html

קבוצת עופר

התאחדות התעשיינים ומשרד התמ"ס

מרכז נוער יזמי כפר סבא

אשלים - נוער בסיכון - פרויקט יזמות}
מסמך על התוכנית
ועוד קישורים

תוכניות אחרות - יזמות חברתית וכ'
יזמות התנדבותית

עמותת צבע (צעירים בונים עתיד) - יותר חברתי פחות יזמות

Summary of the idea:
Let's get them all together all the doers, mentors, leaders, investors together with the youth, in a one day happening, at any given date around the summer vacation or at the beginning of the school year.

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