Monday, June 29, 2009

The Ultimate Elevator "Peach" (Pitch)

Elevator "Peach" (Elevator Pitch)

Farts are smells that we all recognize at a distance, yet tend not to discuss in public. Though even with this taboo subject, everyone has at least one good fart story. I remember entering an elevator just as some guy, grinning from nostril to nostril, exited. I strolled in, the door closed, and I was suddenly enveloped by the bacterial processing of his last six meals. Talk about leaving your mark!

This story remained in my distant memory until last year. Last year at Kinnernet, one of the Vardis talked about the importance of the elevator pitch, but with the Israeli accent it sounded like "elevator Peach". It took me about half a year to put two and two together, and then, using the play on words, I came out with the ultimate elevator 'peach'.

I then enlisted a new friend, Danniel Fishler, to produce a cartoon for this year's Kinnernet, with the help of Rotem Omri, who drew the characters. Together with Dror Gill, we asked Ithamar Eshpar (and his amazing talents) to handle the sound, and we recorded the following script. Have a look at the entire cartoon Elevator Peach


Mel Rosenberg

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elis blues said...

lovely cartoon!
"beans, beans, good for the heart,
the more you eat, the more you fart..."