Thursday, June 18, 2009

Save Your Breath - A general book on how to solve bad breath

Save your Breath

"Save Your Breath" is a book on bad breath that I have written for the general public. I wish me luck! I have already sold over 120 books and it isn't even published yet. This book is very valuable because it's an easy read and yet extremely informative and explanatory. I hope it will better many the many people l around the globe who suffer from issues of bad breath on a daily basis. "Save Your Breath" is being copy edited and should be available in August via my website

It's hard for me to believe, but I started writing this book in 1989, on an old Wang word processor (those don't exist anymore, nor does the Wang Laboratories). So why did it take me two decades to write this book?

During the last twenty years I have done a lot of research, published many papers (including one in Scientific America), consulted thousands of individuals in Canada, England and Israel, and lectured around the world. And yet, I have found that one of the most difficult challenges that continues to face me and other professionals in this field is dealing with the emotional concerns surrounding the problem. I have addressed these at length in the book, together with my best tips for keeping breath fresh and good.

My colleague and soul mate Dr. Chris McCullock (whom I spent quality time with on my recent visit to Toronto)wrote a splendid Foreword for the book. It's much to kind, I but I can live with "kind".

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