Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mel's Inspiring Duet - Mel Rosenberg and Shany Moore

Mel Rosenberg's recent recording with Shany Moore

Autumn Leaves & Everything Happens to You

I met Shany Moore about six years ago following the recommendation of my late friend the jazz pianist Rick Birman. I was impressed. Man, that young lady could sing! I later saw her perform in the basement of the old Camelot in Tel Aviv with the Shai Maoz trio. They were hot. During the years that have ensued, I have performed with Shany now and then, most recently at the annual Rick Birman memorial at Shablul. We sang "Making Whoopee" together and it really connected. Why not do a whole show of duets? Why let our geographical distance (she is based in London now) interfere?

So during her recent visit here for Passover, we managed to record a couple of songs (Everything Happens to Me, and Autumn Leaves) at the Zaza studios, with the indomitable soundman Ithamar Eshpar in control (and at the controls). Musicians were Evgeny Verisotsky (amazing trumpet), Oren Sagi (great double bass), Yossi Hazut (excellent piano chops) and myself (vocals and a brief tenor sax solo). I don't know when and where our next joint performance will take place, but I guarantee that sparks will fly.

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