Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The scent of a baby! Is it a cure-all?

I have been smelling babies' heads for many decades. Doesn’t everyone? I particularly love the smell behind their ears. Today I spent about twenty minutes smelling Amitay, the six month old baby of Rotem Omri, the wonderful illustrator of my current children's books (see http://www.meltells.com/).

I noticed that after smelling him for a few minutes, I became highly relaxed and content. Mothers and babies exchange odors and bond by scent from birth. But keep in mind that I am not Amitay's father, and that he is not looking for any milk from me.
But lets think again. Amitay is looking for my compassion. Or if you will, the milk of human kindness. He wants to be treated with warmth and affection by all adults in his vicinity. What is going on here?

Is it possible that babies have "love me" pheromones? Pheromones, one should keep in mind are not just related to transfer of sexual information, but any kind of sign that changes behavior in another member of the species. Amitay certainly changed my mood this morning. Were his secret odors casting a spell on me as well?

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