Friday, December 14, 2007

"I'm a fool to want you" or How I almost sat on stage with Sinatra

What I wouldn't give today to have met Frank Sinatra?
The sad truth is that I could have, and didn't. This story takes place in the winter of 1975. I am selling musical instruments by day at Tel Aviv's largest musical emporium, and writing my master's thesis by night. I had recently begun dating Shuli (my wife of 31 years) and am deeply in love. One morning a guy comes into the store. Sinatra is playing with his band in Jerusalem that night, and the bass player needs a bigger amp. We have a brand new Yamaha 200 watt bass amp (my height) in the store, and he wants to borrow it and return it the next day. "No way" says Yoel, the owner, "unless someone from the store goes with the amp, babysits it onstage, and make sure it gets back good as new". "No problem" says the guy. Yoel asks me if I would accompany the bass amp. You must realize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Sinatra ONSTAGE. I am drooling. I phone my girlfriend to tell her the exciting news. "No way", she says. "We have tickets for an evening of Edith Piaff chansons. I've been waiting months to see it." I should have told her to take her brother, but foolish, lovestricken me, I forego Sinatra to take my girl to the Edith Piaff tribute (the singer was horrible and off key, I hasten to add). There am I in the audience, cursing myself for having passed up the opportunity to meet the great Sinatra. And still am...

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